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While I am out...

I strive to provide the most updated information and resources for my clients during my upcoming maternity leave. The care of my clients is very important to me, that said, I only provide referrals to clinicians I respect and trust.


I plan (as best I can) to be out of the office between the dates of 12/9/2022 - 2/17/2023, returning to in-person and virtual services on 2/20/2023.


Returning clients will have priority in scheduling upon my return. I will be taking a waitlist for new clients during this time as well. I understand that taking a break for some may not be ideal. If you are looking to continue your work here are some clinicians in the area I recommend!


Be sure to reach out ahead of time to ensure availability.

Clinician Recommendations

Amy Waldbillig, PhD, LCSW

Counseling & LCSWA-Supervision Wilmington NC

Tel: 540-903-1756

*In-person & telehealth available.

Dawn Richard Cook, LCMHC

Phone: 910.338.9570

*Offering in-person & telehealth 


Emelia Thygesen, LMHC

Call or text: (252) 649-3303

*Currently telehealth only. 

Lisa Pate,

Phone: (910) 335-2841

*Currently telehealth only.

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